How to win The Purge:

1) Live in a country that doesn’t have The Purge, say… Canada. It’s pretty close to America, but they still have laws and stuff. Also, they’re polite.

2) Learn how to hack, like *really* well.

3) On the night of the Purge, sneak from Canada into the US. This is illegal immigration, and so is completely legal.

4) Move into the base that you’ve pre-booked from Canada. Hack the shit out of everyone’s bank accounts. Steal *all* of the money in America. This is highly illegal, and hence legal.

5) With you ill-gotten gains, sneak back to Canada before illegal immigration becomes illegal again.

6) With said gains, stage a coup, get rid of the dumbass government who instigated the Purge. They’re bankrupt, because you have all their money, so it should be fairly easy.

7) You now have all the money, and are the ruler of America. The Purge no longer exists, so nobody can do the same to

Congratulations: you’ve won the Purge.

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