I (17m) asked my parents for permission to have sex in my room

My mom said no. My dad said what my mom said. I said ok. My mom got upset and said I should be ashamed for even asking them such a thing because people my age should not be having sex. I said people my age are having sex though and most of them end doing it in random public places that can be uncomfortable and dangerous. My mom asked if my gf put me up to this. I said we discussed it together. My mom asked why did I have to pick the girl whose mom became a mom before she finished high school. I said I “picked” the girl who made me happy. My mom said the thing about my gf that made me so happy was the same thing that might make me a father before I turned 18. I said that was if I didn’t die of a snake bite because I was having sex in the woods instead of in my own room.

It’s been a week since that conversation with my parents, and guess what, I’m still fucking in the woods. I really thought my parents would at least think about it. I feel like my mom is expecting me to apologize, but I don’t know for what. Did I cross the line? Was my approach too direct? Am I supposed to be secretive about my sex life in front of my parents because it makes *them* uncomfortable? I thought communication was gonna make things *less* complicated lol.

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