I decided not to date her

I think your dick is small, you’re highly unattractive, the hentai porn games are weird asf, you’re broke, and you’re not gonna make any money anyways LOL so good luck buddy. I’ve been in a relationship for over a year, we just wanted to fuck with you because you’re pathetic and desperate.
Quick sad how easy it is to find meme losers, you’re the least attractive that they can grasp for some desperate dick go to college if you want a shot at a life outside of the shit apartment in the slums of Spokane. But hey, all the power to ya! Good luck finding a chick that wanna fuck that 3 incher and have your children. You’re the most degenerate male I’ve ever been in contact with & you’re how old and still sending sub par, un funny memes? Please get an actual job other than drooling over pixel ass and working at a dead end Mexican restaurant.

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