I got a monkey pregnant

I was stranded on an island with a monkey and at first the monkey was very aggressive and would bite me but I started beating the monkey with a stick to show who’s alpha. Then after I tamed the monkey we had to find food because I was starving.

I saw a turtle nearby so I grabbed a sharp stick and started stabbing the turtle’s head and bashing it till it died. I grabbed the turtle ripped it’s stomach and organs and started cooking it. Me and the monkey ate the turtle but I ate 98.523% because I’m the alpha. We kept doing this for weeks until one day I was horny and I was beating my meat till this monkey came.

Unfortunately I let my intrusive thoughts win and I had buttsex with the monkey. It was great ngl but then I saw the monkey’s stomach getting bigger which was strange because usually I eat most of the food. When these people came to rescue me they saw the monkey aswell. They said “should we bring the monkey too?” I said “no” but they saw the monkey was pregnant and couldn’t survive on it’s own so they brought it.

When the monkey gave birth in a cage they noticed the monkey looked like me. That’s when they started to get suspicious and did a DNA test. As it turned out I’m the father which was my worst nightmare. Now I’m locked up for zooiphila and sexually assaulting a monkey.

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