i got raped by a gang of pigeons and i think im pregnant

im living alone in myapartment

i was on my break from work reading a novel then i realized that there’s a burning smell then i remembered that i left Hair straightener on and on the floor and it burned the carpet and luckily i didn’t have much flammable objects near that carpet but there was alot of smoke i even started coughing so i opened the window and fell asleep to relax because i was very angered at the moment.
i woke up and found myself surrounded by pigeons… maybe forty? fifty? two of them took my phone and started browsing Lesbian milf videos on PornHub, i was confused at first and i thought it was just a dream so i let myself go with the flow, i didn’t resist but when i tried to move a little i found myself unable to move an inch and realized that there’s around forty pigeons Holding my arms and legs on the floor (around 10 per limb) but i didn’t panic because i knew it was a dream, as i thought that a pigeon 4x times bigger than normal pigeons entered from the window, as it entered the room all the other pigeons started cooing enthusiastically. he was far bigger than normal pigeons that i could see the lust in his eyes as he looked at me. again, i didn’t panic, atleast until he grabbed me by the chin and kissed me, i can feel it, there’s no doubt this wasn’t a dream. i was shocked and didn’t believe what’s happening until i remembered reading the posts on this subreddit and i was like “lmao look how pathetic they are begging for karma” i was fucking wrong. i tried to scream but just before i could say anything the giant pigeon grabbed me by the chin even harder using it’s smooth moving wings and kissed me again to stop me, it hurts it hurts IT HURTSSSS. i started crying as he removed my clothes and started playing with my virgin vagina (im a redditor, what did you expect?) and i started to see his giant erect penis, despite his body’s small size (compared to humans) his penis’ size was 7 out of 10 of the average human’s penis’ size, how is that even possible???. he started banging me, i started bleeding. not gonna lie, when after a couple minutes i started feeling good, is this normal? am i considered a zoophile? im ashamed from my self dammit. then after 2 hours of vaginal sex he finally came in me and repeated after a hours until the 6th time then forced me to do blowjobs for him, it wasn’t that bad tbh. and they left after 3 rounds of blowjobs and another 4 rounds of anal sex.

will i get pregnant? will my first kid have a pigeon head with a human body? im not going to be able to speak with my first child? this sucks…:(

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