I hate all of you r/anarchychess degenerates.

You are all horrible. I know it was one of you absolute cretins who stood in their filthy room and thought to themselves, “haha what if Hans Niemann had beads in his ass”. Now I have to deal with this. I was in the car on a normal trip home from School just 40 minutes ago, and the conversation drifts to Chess. And my mom, my OWN MOTHER, begins “Did you hear about that rumor about that one guy..?”

I had to sit there. In the car. As my mom explained, “And his friend was watching the match, and would put the moves into an AI, and then he’d vibrate the anal beads to tell him where to move..”
You suck. To whoever started this, I know you’ll see this. I am going to throw so many bricks at you when I see you in hell. Die.

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