I know this is a long shot

I am looking for a woman named Robyn who worked around Carleton University and lived in or near Greenboro in 2019. She divorced an emotionally neglectful husband and began dating a 39-year-old man from the Philadelphia area for a few months, ending in November 2019. I know she uses Reddit because that is where she met the American in summer 2019.
Surprise! We shared the same boyfriend and he was seeing hookers at the same time. He said he was divorcing an abusive wife – lies! – and has now run off with a younger Russian woman after I figured out the truth and told his wife. If you ever met in person, like he and I did from 2019-2021, you might want to get checked for STDs as a precaution.
Or if you wanted to be pals, that’s fine. His wife’s a gem. Poor kids, though. This is some Dateline NBC BS.

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