I love cheeseburgers

I fucking love cheeseburgers

I know this is dumb but HOLY FUCK do I love them. Any time, any kind. I just tried one with tomato on it AND FUCK IT WAS GOOD. Like orgasm good. I love the pickles. I love the mayo. The cheese, dear god the cheese. And we cannot forget about onion. I like raw onion and sauteed onion or fuck, even an onion ring. Mmmm… secret sauce. Yes please. LETTUCE! Shredded lettuce, yo ucan keep that wilted leafy shit. FUCK YES THE BUNS! Sesame seeds! Brioche! PATTY MELTS OMG. Pickles! Dill! Garlic! Bread and butter! Spears! Chips! Yummy! I fucking LOVE cheeseburgers.

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