i own a missile for home(land) defense

I own a missile for homeland defense because that’s what Woodrow Wilson intend. 4 bandits break into my airspace….Scramble! Scramble! as I grab my helmet and aim-9X sidewinder, I blow a soft ball size hole in first bandit…He’s dead on the spot. Draw my AIM-120 on the second man and miss him entirely because he “notched it” and it “pit-bulls” on a civilian airliner.

I have to resort to the Patriot missile system mounted at the airbase below, TALLY-HO LADS! the surface-to-air-missile shreds two men in the blast, the sound of falling metal sets off car alarms. I then resort to Dog fighting the last bandit, select my 20mm m61 Vulcan Cannon, pull him into HUD and fire.

he bleeds out in the cockpit waiting for ejection (20mm is hard to stitch up) Just as I get a “bingo fuel warning”.

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