I ran the first few words of the Vaporeon copypasta through an AI and this was the result. Enjoy.

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? It has the highest mate-sperm-transfer-rate, which means it is the most common Pokémon for human breeding. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about that, since most of the breeding partners are imaginary, so don’t bother looking for them.

What really matters is how the species relates to humans. For example, Tangela is not an ideal breeding partner for humans because the Pokémon is too shy. Pokémon that are good for breeding are usually animals that are either children’s favorite animals or Pokémon whose DNA has been extracted to form a creature that people think is cute. The Pokémon species does not have to be common and most of the time has to be more rare, or have rare traits.

Here are some of the best pokémon breeding pairs.

Fox Hound

Foxes have soft fur and they are used to living in the wild. They are especially good for the terrier traits, so you can breed some Foxpokémon and make some really cute pokémon. One important point is that they usually have one fluffy white tail. This makes it easier to identify a Foxpokémon from a normal breed.


Cats are less likely to have fluffy tails. However, if you are using black furred breedings, the fluffy tail is pretty common, so there’s no need to worry about that. The general advice is to get breedings with big, short tails. The black tip is a less-important point.


Moles are good for the stamina traits and can make tough mole pokémon. You can also make some tough mole humans and horses if you want to take some rides.

Herbivorous Bug

It’s a good idea to breed with bugs with bodies that can survive in certain type of environment. For example, you can breed a Leaf pokemon with a bug-eating animal. However, most commonly, you can breed a grass pokemon with a bug-eater.

Parasitic Worm

Parasitic worms are pretty rare, but some interesting adaptations of wormpokémon have been seen. One very interesting worm pokémon is Cavyon. It’s a cute worm whose body contains a cage, so its stomach could be a good breeding partner. Its stomach is sensitive, so it has strong immunity and even some steel, so it can fight against other poisonous and paralyzing creatures. In this case, the worm is not as common as Eumenes burmannii, but it is very cute.


Crocodiles live in the water, so they can survive in low oxygen levels. If you are having this kind of pokémon in your breeding program, you must make sure that the body size of the hatchlings is small. Small and cute hatchlings are more likely to be chosen as egg and pokémon pokémon.

Spiny Shell

Shell pokémon that use their shell to protect themselves are good breeding partners for humans. They are very powerful when protecting themselves, but also very delicate when they are weak. Some of the shells that have the same shell shape as the species the pokémon comes from are popular. However, you should get rid of the other shell that is the exact same shape.


A Magnemite that is used to make magnets can be used as a strong pokémon for humans. However, make sure it has flying or digging ability, or your pokémon will die. Magnemite often make pokémon pokémon evolve into Dragonite, which is an extremely rare Pokémon. The good egg material and rare gene traits are essential for your children.

The Magnemite video is hilarious, don’t watch it unless you are a human.


Umbreon is very strong at fighting and can even come with a shield like a Rubicon (Magneton). A lot of humans like shiny magikarp, so they are often paired with this very rare pokémon. Umbreon can also make great pokémon that can protect you from being eaten by deadly or sub-human creatures like Magikarp.

Think about all the perfect pokémon you can make.

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