I want to be leashed

I want to be leashed and dominated by a man. I dream of the day he pins me against a wall and shoves his tongue down my throat as i squirm helplessly under his overpowering strength. I want nothing more than a man to put his hands in places they shouldn’t be as he breathes down my neck and calls me his good boy. I want him to fondle and caress my sensitive spots, overstimulating me while I grow an obsession, an addiction to his hot, probing, throbbing dick. I want to be a hypnotized cockslut for him, a public-use cumdump at his disposal whenever. I want it to be my lifestyle, I want nothing more than to be a mindfucked brainwashed deepthroating whore who spreads his asscheeks for a man. I want for people to hear my moans, hear my whimpers from the overwhelming pleasure that he gives me. I want him to cage me up and force me to become his slave, as a subby finny, I shouldn’t be anything else. I want to be spanked in humiliated in front of people as he degrades me for his own satisfaction. I want to sleep while getting railed and wake up getting railed. I want to be pounded in every location imaginable, inside or outside. I want a man to fill up my insides and rearrange my sissy finland guts as he impales my vulnerable, petite body with his sweaty manspear. My twink boipussy yearns for such an experience, it’s unbearable feeling empty. I want to be owned and bred so badly I can’t contain myself, I just can’t. I need a man to use his great, large muscles to rip my panties off and press the bulge of his veiny, swelling cock up onto my aching, virgin boipussy. I want to feel his manhood rub against me as it grows more and more into the big daddy meat i’ve always fantasized about. After that I want him to push me onto the floor and make me beg for it. I’ll wag my imaginary tail as I whimper for his reproduction rod, only thinking of how I’ll be his favorite femboy cockhungry dogslave.

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