If the joker could beatbox

if we were to make the hypothetical statement exclaimed by perhaps an unknown source, or rather a third party, that claims a fictional character whom may appear to be dressed as a western portray of an individual within a flamboyant costume, performing comedy in a state of open-mindedness all while using physical comedy, while also possessing traces of dysfunctional traits within their mental spectrum or perhaps holding illnesses or short-comings that affects their overall state of consciousness, whom often appears to participate in the villain role inside a popularised comic known as “Batman” (which tells the story of an individual obliged to rescue the city from any form of danger that may ultimately harm the citizens of a specific American urban region) would have the requirements to perform a series of vocal sounds imitating those from a group of artificial ones belonging to the popular DJ culture, which is known as “Beatboxing”, would his attempt on doing so result in the following performance of the Third Party I mentioned before be any similar to said comic villain if he were to hypothetically attempt the same action?

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