I’m 31 years old, I like Skibidi Toilet. You people are being boomers.

I seriously do not understand the hate. This series is literally an evolution of all the weird gmod and Source filmmaker videos we all watched at some point over the last ten years, but somehow this one is too far…? The animation is great, the choreography is excellent, the body language of the characters conveys plenty, the fights have so much weight and punch, and the first-person POV is done very well. So what is the problem? Do you really think the weird videos we used to watch were so much different? You probably even watched other DahFuq!?Boom! videos before this, like the San Andreas ones with CJ and Big Smoke, or the Male\_07 ones which were popular before this.

I grew up on early-aughts Newgrounds, I remember how obsessed a lot of those flash videos were with feces and viscera, was that superior? Oh I know, what about early SMG4 ten years ago? Cuz that was totally the pinnacle of unimpeachable content, the stories were so much more in depth and interesting then! Not saying there wasn’t also amazing content back then either, but you somehow act like this is worse than the baseline then…? You remember your parents called Salad Fingers, or Red vs Blue, or any other weird internet animation or webcomic you liked to read stupid baby stuff too, right?

You’re literally just being boomers, hating on something because you personally don’t understand it. You claim your stuff was so superior to whatever came after, the next generation is bad and gone astray, and you made your judgement entirely off of seeing it elsewhere, or seeing a glimpse of it, and then you made up your mind then and there and refuse to consider you might be wrong or to just let people like what they like. It literally makes me think of how my mother thought Sailor Moon was bad and that Tuxedo Man just saved the girls so it wasn’t really ’empowering’ or whatever, when the meme is literally that Tuxedo Man didn’t do anything.

Stop, take a step back, really have some introspection about the kinda person you wanna be, and chill out. Cuz at this rate, in a couple years you’re going to be complaining ‘those darn teens’ and getting riled up enough to believe any stupid thing said about them, like that we were eating Tide pods or ‘Rainbow parties’.

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