I’m a conservative

Hahaha socialists are so dumb. I’m a conservative; for all you libtards out there that means I’m big and tough and manly. My balls are so big and tough that my boss can use them as a punching bag, and I let him just to show off how tough I am. Sometimes I even ask for it; no, beg for it. Why, you ask? Because I WORK for my money, just like my father, and his father before him. That’s what America was built off of. Now these libcucks want everything handed to them. They want work to be a walk in the park because their soft, delicate hands are too weak to handle real work. You know what I do when work gets tough? I don’t complain about the “capitalist machine” or the corporation I work for. I APPRECIATE them because they keep the ECONOMY going. When work gets tough you know what these libs say? That they’re being crushed by the boot of capitalism. You know what I say? “Unnngg yes stomp me harder daddy” because I can handle it, unlike you soy boys out there. So you can go ahead and complain about how hard your lives are, while I, a REAL man, keeps this economy going you you can enjoy your pretty little iPhones and Venuzeulas.

(also Marx is hot, I would totally let him stomp me EXTRA HARD if he was my capitalist boss. Like, he could treat me worse than Jeff Bezos treats his warehouse workers and I would TOTALLY still work for him.)

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