Jadzia Dax

Let me count the reasons I hate Jadzia:

– horrible, wooden, monotone acting. easily the very worst acting performance on the show, and ridiculously out of her league due to the rest of DS9’s cast (primary and secondary) almost all being immaculate actors

– horrible writing with generic dialogue that is always interchangeable with O’Brien, Kira, or any number of other characters (which is always a telltale sign of bad writing/useless character; and Jadzia is more or less the only character on DS9 with generic dialogue)

– completely irrelevant to the plot of the show

– smug, condenscending attitude which is inherently annoying

– tells ‘jokes’ that are never the least bit funny

– tells boring stories in the most generic, mundane way possible, instead of putting any effort in to show rather than tell (again, both an acting and writing problem)

– added no value to the show whatsoever

– totally one-dimensional. when she criticized Victor Hugo for writing one-dimensional female characters, I threw up in my mouth a little because she is easily one of the most one-dimensional female characters of all-time

– has harlot-esque tendencies

– took away screentime which could have been much better-spent on worthwhile characters (ie: 99% of the other characters on DS9)

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