Last Saturday I blew Jake’s horse for the first time and really liked it. However, Jake took pictures and posted them on his website. If I want to keep it a secret I had to continue to cooperate with his wishes.
I was to go to Jake’s place next Saturday and hoped that I would have a chance to blow his horse once again. It was completely perverted, but I loved it!
I received an email mid-week telling me that I was to have two two-quart enemas on Saturday morning to make sure I was completely cleaned out before going to Jakes. I expected that Jake wanted to fuck me, which was fine with me. I wasn’t accustomed to enemas, but I didn’t mind, as I anticipated Jakes huge cock deep in me.
I arrived at Jake’s which was a small ranch of about 10 acres, with a small horse barn. He took me out to the barn and took me to his horse. The horse recognized me, and I saw his cock enlarged in anticipation.
“Go ahead and suck him,” Jake said, “but don’t make him cum.”
I knelt before him and sucked his cock, wanting to make him cum, but I was still in my clothes.
“That’s enough,” said Jake, “you definitely got his interest, and he’ll be cumming soon.”
Jake told me to take off my clothes, which I gladly did. He told me to lean over a bench and spread my legs. He slipped a lubed finger up my ass and then another, spreading his fingers to prep me for his big cock.
Slipping his fingers out, he pressed his cock head to my ass and gently pushed into me. I pushed back, as if taking a dump, and his head slipped into me. Jake was experienced in fucking white faggots, and he knew how to slip his big cock in without pain. Soon he slipped deeper and began stroking in and out. As I stood there, Jake fucked me relentlessly.
“You got a really nice sissy ass!” said Jake, and continued to plow me. Soon he thrust deeply as he came and wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight as he pumped his load out.
“Now for the best part,” said Jake, as he pulled out of my ass. He told me to remain there and soon I felt something hard pressing into my ass. He pressed it into me and I felt stretched more than I ever had been.
“Just hold it there for awhile,” said Jake. He held the object in place and stroked me cock, keeping me hard and interested. After a time he told me to stand up, which I did. He led me over to his horse, holding the large object to keep it from coming out.
Jake pulled the object out and showed it to me. It was a full-sized cucumber – no wonder I felt so stretched!
Jake told me to bend over and put my hands on my knees. I felt something warm on my asshole and realized that Jake was guiding his horse into me.
“You can’t let your horse fuck me!” I declared, “He’ll kill me!”
“He won’t fuck you,” said Jake, “but his cock is in you and I’ll be jacking him off. Just enjoy the fullness.”
I felt the cock grow in me and it did feel really nice, but I wondered what would happen when he came. I remembered his cum shooting out of my mouth, but with his cock buried in my ass his cum would probably fill my bowels – that must be why Jake wanted me completely cleaned out.
I decided not to worry about it, but to just enjoy the moment. The horse cock in my ass was even more impressive than Jake and soon I felt the horse pumping his huge load into me. My belly cramped immediately and I cried out, but then it subsided. I just recieved a hot horse cum enema. I was hard as a rock but kind of scared as well.
I knew that the colon absorbed things very quickly and if there was anything harmful in the horse cum that I might be in danger.
“I have to clean this out!” I said, and Jake took me to a water tap with a short garden hose attached. I turned it on slowly and put the end of the hose up my ass. After the stretching it went in very easily and I began to fill with cold water. The coldness made me shudder, but I endured in order to clean out.
I removed the hose and went outside to expell. I watched as the water and horse cum mixture hit the ground. When I had expelled all I could I returned to the hose and filled up again. After several repeats I was finished.
I returned to find Jake and asked if he had taken more pictures. He said that he always did and hoped that I would like them.
“While you are here, would you like to blow one of the other horses?” Jake asked.
“Do you have any others that don’t have a big flare?” I asked.
“I know just the one for you,” said Jake, and led me to another horse.
This one was smaller, with a smaller cock, but without a noticable flare. Jake took his spot at he head of the horse to calm him, while I knelt by his cock and began to suck him. While I was a very experience cocksucker, blowing a horse was an taking it to a whole new level and I knew I needed this regularly. Soon the horse began pumping his hot load into my mouth, spilling down my chest. Like the other horse, it tasted much stronger than human cum, but this time I didn’t spit it all out. I let the excess run out of my mouth, but kept as much in my mouth as I could. After he stopped cumming I stood up with a mouthful of the strong cum. I swallowed – it was the biggest load I ever had swallowed, and that was just a small part of his entire load.
Jake told me that I seemed to be really enjoying it, and it showed in my work. I went to the hose and washed the horse cum off my body, and dried off. I got dressed and told Jake that I had swallowed some of the horse cum, and wondered if there was any danger.
“All of my horses have been treated to eliminate any possible dangers in their cum. We have a vet who is very sympathetic to what we do here, so you can swallow without danger. There was no need to clean yourself out as you did, but it made for good pictures just the same.
“Shall I come back next Saturday?” I asked.
“Yes, and prep like you did today,” said Jake, “and you can retain the cum next time.”
I agreed and went home. As I drove home, I resolved to swallow as much horse cum as I could next time. By the time I got home I had to jack off immediately, aroused by all I had done!

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