Just jerked off to a nail on the wall

Trying to quit porn but cutting masturbation completely made me a
psychopath. As a last ditch effort, I decided to jerk off but without
looking at porn and I have to say it gave me some insights into the
nature of fap addiction. I feel zero guilt right now as i am typing with
my crusty fingers. The mind post cumming will absolutely subconsciously
contemplate about the images you jerked off to so as to pinpoint the
source of energy depletion (maybe so that brain may learn what forms of
patterns or images should be avoided so this depletion cannot happen in
the future) and if they are socially repressed form of imagery, it will
make you feel guilty when you try to engage in society by outing you.
But when you jerk off to nails or furniture or whatever object, the
guilt is completely removed. Don’t recommend jerking off to inanimate
objects as it could potentially ruin your chances of finding a mate in
real life or even make you a nail-sexual but for single males who are
addicted to pornography looking for a quick solution, this might be it.
you can always recover depleted energy through diet but you can’t
recover from confessing your guilt to everyone around you unknowingly
for objectifying an entire gender (even if the morality of it all is
highly debatable)

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