Kanye West is Sans

Okay so basically I’m gonna be blunt about, Kanye West is Sans from Understale. How do I know this? Because it’s fucking obvious. Let’s examine the video “Sans Undertale x Nagito Komaeda (fingers in his ass). Basically it shows Sans and Nagito dancing on some fucking flowers because they can and the words “Kanye likes fingers in his ass.” Is said repeatedly. This immediately connects the two together and here’s why; Kanye is a twink and loves playing undertale because Kim doesn’t know how to finger his ass correctly. So what better way to get your twink juices going? Pretending to be something your not and entering a relationship with trash over previous trash. Kanye admired Sans and wanted to be him. However the moment he became him he realized it was enough..he needed something more. HE. NEEDED. FINGERS. IN. HIS. ASS. Thats was the only thing that was gonna satisfy him, but he also realized he knew people would find out eventually (like right now) and needed a distraction. The video came out March 15,2018…only 7 months ahead of when his music video “I Love it.” with Lil pump debuted. The beginning shows a tall woman wanting to have fingers in her ass but clearly isn’t gonna get it from Kanye. This symbolizes how Kanye feels about Kim not getting fingers in his ass, he is both the woman and himself wanting fingers in his twink ass. Fast forward to present day and the song is still a bit for meme culture and the Sans x Nagito video. Kanye was doing this as a cry for help for someone to finger his ass..and he couldn’t live with his own failure…where did that bring him?? Back to me. (Thanos joke lmao) but anyway Kanye Cries out to the Danganronpa Community to get one of us to finger his ass so he can not feel like a twink anymore. He hates the fact that Kim never fingers his ass anymore despite pleading to her multiple times over it. Kim literrally would literally rather use her fingers to stir the build up Nuts she has in storage from her early days as a SUPER STAR than feel the warm of Kanye’s rectum anymore. Kanye couldn’t take this, he became Sans, and now he lurks in the DRRP community waiting to see how he can get his Twinkle Toe Ass fingered once more. But now you’re wondering “But dude…WHY DOES HE LIKE GETTING HIS ASS FINGERED IN THE FIRST PLACE??” Well to understand that we have to realize how fingering his ass makes him preform better. The inside of his ass is a assessment of strings and parts that make him function correctly. One of these things being whatvwe would call the Ego Membrane. This is what gives him his Ego in the first place. When this is stimulating at a rapid pace of over 20-30 kilometers per hour, his ego is shot up high and it makes him well he Kanye. The way this is always stimulating is because when Kim inserts her long grim resorting fingers into Kanye’s ass her nails are able to accidentally scratch the inside of the Large Intestine. This pain travels up to the pancreas and then over to the Ego Membrance when it stimulates it. Without this Kanye is no more than a dead sack of Nut never happening. Kanye needs to be fingered so he can bust a quick nut. Because he’s a sick fuck and likes a quick nut. Now the reason he chose the DR community to come to is because of how many Twinks we have here. Fuyuhiko, Ouma, Byakuya, and even Kiibo are all examples of the many Twinks here. But he needed to go to the very source of where Twinks come from…Nagito Komaeda. He was the first true Twink to be the Twinkie’s fucking Twinking That’s god damn Twinkie’s the Twink. Nagito was the perfect person to get his message across that we ALL need to stick our lovely fucking fingers inside of his ass so that way he can get his Ego back. Now the final piece of the puzzle comes to light..Kanye no longer needs Kim. Kanye, becomes fully committed to being Sans and loves the fact that someone like Nagito was able to deliver the one thing he wanted more than anything. The two ended up forgetting about their past lovers and now want to become a part of each other for all eternity. Sans is fingering Nagito and vice versa as now it’s no longer for the sake of getting the ego back that he always wanted but now it’s because he can’t live without Nagito’s fingers in his ass. His fingers are always in his ass no matter where they go; Disney World, The Beach, Krusty Kooch, A Barn, The Bottom of the Ocean, Garfield’s House, or fucking appearing as a cameo in the Avengers Endgame movie. Fingers in his ass was more than just a shit post YouTube video. It depicted the life and struggle of Kanye West and how he became a part of his favorite video game “Undertale” and fusing with the one character that can understand his pain and getting the fingering from a a character that can deliver the thing to ease his pain.”But…what happened to Kim??” Oh that’s easy. Kim Kardashian knew this was going to happen one day. Seeing her Husband become a fully fledged twink and now getting fingered from Nagito Komaeda isn’t something she didn’t think wouldn’t happen..that’s why she got PREGGERS and had children. She has two future potential baby Twinks that can become the new Twinks in her life! “WAIT SO SHES GONNA FINGER HER CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE THE APPROPRIATE AGE??” No you Idiot that’s too easy for Kim and she knows that..she is gonna train them to FINGER FUCK KANYE AND NAGITO. She knows she can’t have Kanye getting fingered by some trashy ass character and instead will have them do her old dirty work for her (hehe) and now will have her full adult offsprings finger their father and his new husband. This isn’t because of cold hardcore revenge. It’s about one thing… KANYE LIKES FINGERS IN HIS ASS. End of the Theory

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