Let me speak to the manager. Now.

Hello, this is Karen. So you know how you wouldn’t let me speak to the manager? That’s gonna be the biggest mistake of your life if you don’t change that decision immediately. I’m armed to the teeth. I have seventeen massive guns, four rocket launchers, and a nuke. If you don’t let me speak to the manager right this goddamn second I will use the might of my arsenal to tear you to shreds so small that you need a nonillion microscopes to see them. Trust me, I can and will do this. What you did was unacceptable. Messing up my order by giving me 10 sodas instead of the requested 11 was a wrongdoing so unforgivable that I’m being lenient by even giving you a chance. And you’d better accept that lenience, because I really want to put 25 bullets in your head. This is your last chance. Let me speak to the manager. Now. I will not say it again.

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