LowTierGod, literally a few minutes after finishing his “Kys NOW” speech.

Niggas be like: “I’m crying.” Look…

**Imma tell you how I cry.**

I cry… when I kick back and I’m offered… one of the best fellatios… that I’ve ever had.

The fellatio was so good from your mom, that… she didn’t even allow me to get anymore. She brought in… two extra women in your family. Your grandmother. Matter of fact, she brought in your aunt, too. She brought in your sister for dick sucking training. **BBC dick-sucking training.** The reason why… she brought in… your sister for the **BBC dick-sucking training** is because if you can ***suck,*** *and* ***slurp,*** *and* ***blurp*** all over a BBC, she should of no problem sucking a **micro,** a **medium,** or a **BBC junior.**

So I sit there on the couch. It’s one of those old couches, it’s pleather. Asshole is sweating a little bit, but still fresh. Cause I’m still dripping with Old Spice of a scent.

They each take a turn sucking…

Your mom’s mouth was **ridiculous.** I said “Hold on. We’ve done this before plenty of times, PLENTY of times. Let’s go ahead and scoot it over to the grandmother.”

Your grandmother’s top was **sooooo crazy,** that it felt like my dick melted in her mouth, like a back of m&m’s in 90 degree weather that you forgot, when you went, back in the work from your **FUCKING** lunch break. I said “**Hold on… I didn’t know… your top game was so, pin-up girl crazy.** Lemme see, what ya aunt has!”

Your aunt sucks the dick. She gave me one of those… “I don’t have any kids, mid-life crisis” type of head shots where… She was tryna impress me so much, that… she almost had me convinced that, me and her could have something going on!

So your mom’s head was **ridiculous**, ya grandma’s head was… **Phenomenal.** Your aunt’s head was desperate-

But then… when your **22 year old** sister… opens up her mouth **wide,** like **Kirby…** I didn’t even… sh-she starting sucking- **”uuuu, hhhhhhhuh!”** And before you know it, my body’s moving. **”Huh, hhhhhhuh!”** This suction air, it’s coming. And, before you know it, I’m **flying** forward, and my **BBC’s** like- “AAAgggggggh- **BLOOP.”** In her mouth and I’m like- “**Uggghoooo, UgghhOooo, UuGGGGghhhhh…”** And I’m just feeling like this **Vibration** all over my dick… and I’m like “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” I didn’t even let her stop… AAAHH I didn’t let her stop… “Aaaahhhhh, **AAAGGGHHH-**

**And I just busted a hot, fat, load all over ya sister’s face. Your mom fucking pushed her out of the way, caught the last couple of droplets. Your grandma hopped over… kicked out of her clogs -whatdya call those things- those Crocs, kicked off her Crocs, hopped over the couch, wanting to get a piece of the dribble. Your fucking aunt came over there for a little bit… I just squirted some in her eye. But then your mom finished it off, opened up… Ya sister, opened up her mouth, spit it into ya mom’s shit.** They were playing. You know, like it was a piece of gum.

And before you know it, I’m sitting there, and I’m so drained of cum… that, I went from 200-and-something pounds, to a nigga that weighs 140, cause they literally sucked the goddamn, **SOUL** outta me… bitch ass nigga, that’s the **ONLY** time I cry.

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