Master poisoners btw

You know what’s fucked? I’ve actually met master poisoners like this before, IRL, as a merc.

Like us mercenaries, poisoners are all a really horribly misunderstood lot. Justifiably, but still…

And frankly, they’re usually the chem geniuses that got bullied in school but DIDN’T break.

I swear, if someone re-made “Revenge of the Nerds!” in this decade it’d be a hit horror film.

But in truth most poisoners I’ve met were wonderfully weird, weirdly wonderful, women’o’war.

Honestly, quite lovely to bed as well, my wife and I recall each of them fondly. Taste is unique.

Strangely, the few male poisoners I’ve met were the most straightlaced & no-nonsense men.

You know, brilliant but realistic, uber-dependable, extremely adaptable, the MacGyver types.

And usually, the single most understanding and forgiving, genuinely gentle gentlemen I’ve met.

Think James Bonds personality from the Sean Connery era, with Barry Allen’s heart from the CW.

All this wrapped up in a body like either Tom Holland or Jason Statham, with Batman skills.

Honestly, you can never tell a poisoner is a poisoner unless you know what to look for.

And, well, when you really think about it, that just simply makes absolutely perfect sense!

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