Misato, the perfect mother archetype

“Recently, I watched this show… it’s called Neon Genesis Evangelion. And, before I even get into, y’know, what happens in this show, I had to think about that title. Obviously, I was put off at first, because, y’know, ‘Neon’, derived from the Greek work neos, meaning ‘new’… very clearly trying to court your typical post-modern, ah, progressives, with langauge such as that. But then I read further, and, this just blew my mind; if you read that name again, it’s: Neon Genesis, EVANGELION. And, I really had to wrestle with this one for a while, but I think I have it figured out now… it’s, just so obvious to me that this was, in fact, a reference to Christian Evangelicalism. Yeah. Think about that for a minute; this guy, all the way in Japan, which if you don’t know, is on the other side of the bloody globe from us, wanted to make a show about Christ. Now, when Jung talked about the Collective Unconsious, he… hmm, well no, I shouldn’t say that, since I’ve only watched the first episode. But as I was watching, I said to myself, y’know, I understand two of the three words in this title, plain as day, but what on earth could ‘Genesis’ mean? That one REALLY eluded me for some time. But, well, if you have the patience to stick around for a while, we’re introduced to this character named Misato, and she is just, I mean, the ABSOLUTE DAMNED PERFECT MOTHER ARCHETYPE, and what is a mother, if not the GENESIS, of a man? Y’know, I was talking with… with some of my peers about this, and we all were in agreement, that yes, we would all very much like to be breastfed by her, and this simply could not happen if she were not, in so many words, an absolute Mommy. In case you’re curious, in the interest of fairness, I tried to share these findings with some of my female colleagues, but, well, they started throwing around terms like ‘gross’ and ‘sexual harassment’ and whatnot… I guess doing your motherly duties is now frowned upon, as so decreed by the Marxist elite…”


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