most sane tarkov player (found on r/EscapefromTarkov

# Tarkov Skills Helped Me Dispatch A Burglar:


I pulled up the driveway in my lifted Powerstroke, but noticed something was immediately off…… I could hear someone rifling through the gym bag in the 2nd floor kitchen. I knew it wasn’t family or friends, I play Tarkov for fun.

I rushed to the unlocked military weapons crate sitting outside my garage, a shiny new AK-103 inside. I bust down the front door with my boot, sure to catch anyone inside off guard. No movement on first floor, but I could Immediately pinpoint the location of the thief after hearing him swallow a single Ibuprofen upstairs. Knowing his position, i could confidently push up the stairs, firing periodically in his direction to keep him from pushing out of the room.

Ears ringing from the 15 rounds I fired walking up the staircase, I can still hear him in the master bathroom. Learning from the single most effective room clearing tactic in Tarkov, I throw 7 grenades into the bathroom to get him to push out of cover, but no dice. All the grenades landed in the small trashcan next to the toilet, He’s entirely untouched. I sprint in front of the door sill 3 times to try and pinpoint his position. After winding up my Heelys, i roll into the room at 27 miles per hour and shoot him in the face, catching him completely off-guard.

Burglar dispatched, I exfil out the hole in the fence behind my house, playing Geneburn to celebrate.

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