my bf toe f**ked me without consent

Using my bfs account cause I have his old phone and he no longer has access,

I was so freaked out this morning and don’t know how to feel because I’ve never heard of this before.

We are very sexually active and have sex at least once a day, he also has a foot fetish but I avoid it if possible, with that said we were have a bit of fun this morning and he decided to go down on me. It was really nice and I was just able to relax and lay back until I hear him shifting. I thought maybe he’s readjusting himself


He stuck the tip of his foot in me. Out of nowhere. I freaked out and backed up. It’s been awhile and I still don’t know how to feel. He has gone quiet, but walks around the house and just glares at me as if I made a mistake

I think I need to leave

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