My (F30) son (f6) has been watching the same Alvin and the chipmunks episode for 3 weeks straight

So it was a weekend, and I didn’t want to watch him 24/7, so I put on Aatc. (Alvin and the chipmunks) he watched it for the whole day. When it was bedtime, I asked him to turn it off. He didn’t, so I did. When I did, he let out a screech that broke all the windows and caused his hamster to explode. I tried to get him another hamster. i did, and it crawled on him. He ate it. HE ATE HIS OWN HAMSTER. I decided to change it to the next episode, and he‘s been doing it on his own. He’s more and more engrossed by the day. I am not sure if I should call 911 at this point, it’s been 3 weeks. He hasn’t eaten or drank anything (except the hamster) and I’m nervous because he’s getting close to the final episode.

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