My Girlfriend broke up with me because of Fall Guys


I don’t even know where to start. Me (20 M) and my (ex???) girlfriend (24 F) have been dating for a few months. We have just moved into a house together, not because of our relationship but for financial reasons, as we are both broke students and this saves us several hundred dollars worth of rent. I thought things have been going GREAT. We share several interests, worldviews, and friends, although we do come from very different backgrounds. Well, yesterday we were chilling out in our living room, cuddling and playing Fall Guys, laying with her cats, and eating some frozen pizza that we had made together. For whatever reason, I kept on failing on the first and second stages when I usually make it to the final round or the one before. Well, I happened to mess up on the medieval stage on round one, and out of nowhere she throws my arm off of her and says “I can’t handle being with some fucking dork who can’t even do good at a stupid fucking kids game.” I laughed it off, thinking it was some kind of joke, but then she stormed off to her room and slammed the door. She hasn’t answered any of my knocks, texts, or calls. Some of our mutual friends aren’t really responding to me, while others are alluding to me being a jerk. Last night she took her cats into her room, as they are nowhere to be seen in the shared space. I’m so fucking worried and I feel like a fucking loser. Thanks for listening.

TL;DR – My gf/roommate broke up with me because I didn’t qualify for Fall Guys.

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