My mom thought I was having sex because of a videogame

So, for over the past few days I’ve made a video game project of mine on making my own level on geometry dash! It took me like 2 weeks for it and it was pretty decent for a first level. Then came the verification, I verified it late at midnight and when i did i said “OH MY GOD YES YES YES YES FINALLY IT FEELS SO GOOD TO FINALLY BEAT IT” after i said that i did some heavy breathing for like 2 minutes that sounded like moaning to my mom, and so… She busted my door open with an angry face like she’s about to explode in anger. So i had to explain what caused the noises, after the explanation she said that i should never shout like that or do noises like that ever again and bc i sounded like i was having sex. And then i sleep. And continued with my life the next day.

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