My realistic realismpunk setting

In my realismpunk setting NO ONE has friends because that’s UNREALISTIC, and everyone is either psychopathic, sadistic, megalomaniacal, or a combination of the three, JUST LIKE REAL LIFE. Parents dropkick their children, children shoot babies, babies burn puppies, and the puppies tear sofas (which are made with the trapped souls of my parents FUCK YOU MOM I DON’T WANNA GET RID OF MY ISABELLE BODY PILLOW SHES THE ONLY W*MAN WHO WON’T BETRAY ME). The SOCIETY is bad and is ran by humans and and the catgirls and elves are SLAVES (because humans are evil and racist and bad). My protagonist, Shadowedgeblade Van Evildark (aka Murder Blood Overlord) uses his katana blood magic powered by genocide to free the hot ones and then ENSLAVES THEM AGAIN and they love him because he treats them nice (when his half-demon werevampire curse is sated). This, unlike your UNREALISTIC and STUPID silly dumb and gay and dumb “friendship” actually portrays the DARK and HEARTLESS nature of humantity, because there are no “””good guys”””, only varying shades of black!!1!!1!!

I get it if youre scared, my evil nature is frigthening 😈😈😈😎🗡️🔫🎸🚞💣

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