My Theory about Kanye’s sex life

When most people think about Kanye having sex, they probably see him as an extremely hardcore and aggressive dom. However, I believe that Kanye was not always this way and that Kanye’s sexual methods have evolved with his music throughout the years.

When Kanye first erupted onto the music scene, he was a fairly different man than the yeezy we know and love today, mentally and sexually. Kanye seemed in these days to be a much more smooth, calm, and passionate lover than the Kanye we see today. As Evidenced in songs like “Slow Jamz” off of his debut, The College Dropout, and “Drive Slow” off Late Registration, as well as his overall musical style over his first 2-3 albums, Kanye is depicted as a passionate and caring lover for whoever is lucky enough have carnal relations with him. His vocal styles, music, and lyrics are all very smooth over these albums, representing Kanye’s similar sexual habits. He was probably the type to caress your body first, slowly seducing you, before you submit to him fully. He went slow at first and eased into it with time, gradually speeding up but never too fast, prioritizing your comfort over his pleasure, until you both erupt into a simultaneous climax, Much unlike the Kanye we think of today.

I believe that after his 3rd acclaimed LP, Graduation, Kanye’s attitude towards sex begins to change radically. After losing his mother and long time fiancée, Kanye is distraught. During this time his mental issues begin to really arise, and his constant depression probably caused him to rarely have sex, if he had it at all. Kanye probably was more likely to just pound off by himself in a desolate hotel room than have sex, and if he did, he probably couldn’t bring himself to truly enjoy it like he could years before. So, by the time of the making of his 5th release, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye puts on a much different tone regarding sex that remains to this day. The track off this album, Blame game, shows sex in a much different light. He still sees sex as a serious activity, but he puts much of his rhetoric towards it much more bluntly. He also depicts how sex can be depressing, almost heartbreaking. However, elsewhere on the album, Kanye describes yet another view on sex on the track “Hell of a life”. Here, he again refers to sexual activity much more matter-of-factly. He seems to be talking to a prostitute at one point in this track, where he describes what she’d do and when her price would decrease for sexual favors. Kanye begins to hint on this album his new attitude towards sex, almost as if the past few years have hardened him into an intercourse machine.

Now we reach Yeezus and onward, and immediately we see a drastic change towards his modern sexual habits and activities. Right Off the bat, yeezy goes off about sex on On Sight, New Slaves, Hold my liquor, I’m in it, blood on the leaves, and bound 2, among other examples. On on sight and new slaves, Kanye uses sex as an insult or a threat, in a very hardcore dominant way. This implies Kanye’s newfound hardcore attitude about sex, formed after years of depression and heartbreak which seemed to harden him towards the subject overall. He fucks to pleasure himself or spite other people, in ways to boost his mental state or give him some kind of euphoria, without a care for the other person. He is very intimidating, and it is clear that Kanye is only concerned about himself during sex. Bound 2 also hints just how hardcore Kanye can be. One famous line from the song goes “I wanna fuck you hard in the sink”. Obviously, Kanye is no longer interested in foreplay or being smooth, just cutting right to the chase. Additionally, the language he uses here, grammatically incorrect and full of slang, shows just how blunt Kanye is now. Again, no urge to be smooth or laid back. He just wants to fuck. This is further shown by the Yeezus track, “I’m in it”. The lyrics to this song are entirely based on a sexual romp, much like the previously mentioned “Slow Jamz”. However, this time, Kanye once again cuts the foreplay and puts on a coarse attitude. He seems to only see this woman as a sex object, while he obviously pleasures her, he also speaks of her like she’s just breasts and a vagina. Kanye is not preoccupied by his partner anymore, instead focusing solely on his pleasure alone. This is the Kanye we know today. Other examples of this can be found in songs on some subsequent albums (Father Stretch My Hands Part 1, All Mine, etc.), but the most obvious and significant lines are here on yeezus. These days, Kanye seems like the guy at the club to come up to you with no introduction and ask to fuck in the bathroom. Assuming you say yes, you get back there, he starts immediately railing you as hard as he can as soon as he can get your pants down (finishing before or after you depending on the day), and leaving without a bye or even checking to see if you also had any sort of climax. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll buy you a drink and leave immediately.

Over the years, Kanye’s attitude towards sex has transitioned from slow, proper, and smooth to fast, hard, and rough. This can be shown through his music throughout the years, and it’s an interesting concept regarding one of the worlds most popular musical artists

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