My wife won’t talk to me after I fucked her with rhythm heaven music at full volume. Her friends are calling me an asshole.

This all started while I (25M) was browsing reddit and found a post in [r/TIFU]( about a man who said that for 2 years, when he had sex with his wife, he had the idea to put music while having sex to get a better performance at fucking.

You may know this post as it has been very popular over these days.
I laughed so hard about this and decided it would be funny to put rhythm game music while having sex with my wife (If you want to know what game it was, it was **rhythm heaven**)

So, today we had sex and just before fucking, I played one of the songs from the game.
Everything went normal but then 1 minute after my wife looked like she was angry.
I asked her what was wrong and she would answer me.

After fucking, my wife didn’t talk to me, she didn’t even want to look at me.

I’m sleeping in the couch tonight because the only thing she said to me was that she didn’t want to sleep with me tonight.

I’m worried right now and I’ve got text messages from her friends, and even some family members telling me that I am an inmature asshole and to apologize to my wife.

I tried apologizing but she didn’t listen and she was still mad.

I’m thinking about apologizing tomorrow, but I feel like I’m an asshole.
They are right about me being inmature and playing goofy music while having sex.

What should I do?

If you’re asking, [this is the song](

TL;DR Wife is mad and won’t even look at me after I thought it was funny to put rhythm game music while having sex.

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