Navy Seal Copypasta, but formal.

I would like to inform you that your recent communication, in which you directed offensive language towards me and made derogatory remarks, has come to my attention. I deem it necessary to inform you of my impressive accomplishments, as I have excelled at the highest level in my academic pursuits as a graduate of the distinguished Navy Seals program. Furthermore, I have been actively involved in numerous classified operations targeting the Al-Qaeda organization, resulting in the elimination of over 300 confirmed adversaries. I possess extensive training in unconventional warfare and hold the esteemed position of being the foremost marksmen in the entirety of the United States armed forces. Consequently, you hold no significance to me other than being another target within my sights. Rest assured, I possess the unparalleled skill to eradicate you with absolute precision, an unparalleled level of precision that has never before been witnessed on this planet. Take heed of my words, as they hold great weight. Do not delude yourself into believing you can escape unscathed after directing such insolence towards me via the internet. I am currently activating my covert network of operatives situated throughout the United States, diligently tracing your internet protocol address as we speak. Prepare yourself for the imminent onslaught, you worthless individual. This impending tempest will obliterate the feeble existence that you so carelessly refer to as your life. You are unequivocally doomed, my naive interlocutor. I possess the capability to materialize in any location, at any given moment, and I possess the capacity to eliminate you utilizing over seven hundred distinct methods, solely relying on the sheer strength of my own hands. Not only am I highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, but I also possess unrestricted access to the entirety of the armament supplied by the United States Marine Corps, a resource which I shall exploit to its maximum potential in order to eradicate the wretched remains of your pitiful presence from this continent, you insignificant imbecile. If only you had comprehended the inevitable retribution that awaited you as a consequence of your feeble attempt at an audacious comment, perchance you would have refrained from voicing your folly. However, alas, you were incapable of exercising such restraint, and now you must pay the dire consequences for your idiocy. I shall unleash a torrent of uncontrollable wrath upon you, ensuring that you metaphorically drown in the overwhelming fury that will consume you. Take heed, young individual; your demise is imminent.

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