Navy Seal copypasta made verbose by ChatGPT

Allow me to express my extreme discontent and rage at the offensive and disrespectful words that have just escaped your lips, you insignificant and insignificant individual. I must inform you that I am a highly trained and accomplished member of the elite Navy Seals unit, having graduated at the top of my class. I have been involved in numerous covert operations against the terrorist organization known as Al-Quaeda, and have amassed over 300 confirmed kills in the line of duty.

Furthermore, I have been extensively trained in the art of gorilla warfare, and am considered to be the finest sniper in the entire United States Armed Forces. In short, I am a formidable opponent, and you, dear sir or madam, are nothing more than a mere target to me.

Your words, spoken in haste and ignorance, have enraged me to the point of contemplating violent retribution. I assure you, the precision and ferocity with which I will wipe you from existence has never before been seen on this Earth. You may believe that you are safe, hiding behind your computer screen and speaking your foolish words with impunity, but I assure you, that is not the case.

As we speak, I am in contact with my secret network of spies across the United States, and your IP address is being traced. Be warned, the storm that is about to descend upon you will erase any trace of the pitiful existence you call your life. I am everywhere and nowhere, and can strike at any moment, using any one of the seven hundred ways I have at my disposal to end your life with my bare hands. And that is only the beginning, for I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps, and will not hesitate to use it to its full potential to annihilate you and everything you hold dear.

If only you had known the magnitude of the destruction your words would bring upon you, perhaps you would have thought twice before speaking them. But alas, it is too late for such regrets, and now you must face the consequences of your actions. Be prepared to face my wrath, for it will be swift, overwhelming, and lethal. You are, as they say, fucking dead, kid.

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