needeng help after bein forcibley removed from a train

wel i was looken for a free ride down 2 GA (Goergia) after a lil stint up n west verginia n i typicaly ride steel beasts up n down the CSX no problems; my granfater taught me good rails knolege on acount of us never haven proper means 2 get around n also liveng remote out n the woods of atlanta. turns out i had have ridden to far south n was woken up with a ruckus of mexican talk n 4 poliece officer drag me out n pointen shotgun s at me.. one smack me square on the noggin (stil hursts) n i was realeased somwere near mexico citey . 2 questions; can i sue the oficer who smack me an how do I get back to the USA, i have no identyfying card or pasport n my mexican speach is notheng. if any of u legal heads got a brains worth nything, help!!


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