(This is a parody of []( fyi,as far as I know its a copypasta too but yeah lets take it to 11 shall we?)

Now taking applications for a ~~sex slave~~ gf! You must be:

1. Female with a pussy, no trans people allowed! Ewww trans people are gross!
2. Age 0-18, preferrably a loli
3. Japanese or korean, NO BLACKS, I HATE BLACKS.
4. Willing to worship me and do everything I say even if I say to kill yourself
5. Have an IQ lower then mine (69420, yes I have a big IQ Im really smart)
6. Have zero male or female friends and hate all males except me
7. Cook all my meals and dress me and help me shower basically be my mother
8. Willing to pay for all of my living expenses
9. Be into every gross disgusting kink in existance
10. Send me nudes every second
11. Willing to have sex with me anytime anywhere even when on the brink of death, or when you are dead
12. No birth control or condoms!!!!!!!!!11111
13. No jobs allowed, and if you have a job it must be a sex positive work place, refer to rule 11
14. Let me install a thought reading device into your brain that totally is safe and not illegal

I am a very kind and nice gentlemen who will protect you at all cost from all other disgusting males out there and I totally wont rape you and then kill you and then become a serial rapist and serial killer!

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