now you see that calling someone a bitch is very problematic

So look, when you call someone a bitch, you are essentially calling them a birch tree except the r is replaced with a t, thats right you just replaced the are with a tee meaning that what they are as a person doesn’t matter unless they’re being used as a tee to hold someones golf ball, but if they hold someone’s golf ball then the golf club will break their fingers when the golfer takes a swing, which will cause them to take an ambulance to the hospital, with the hospital being a very important place for humanity where many people are born and die whether good or evil, becuase hospitals will admit anyone even if they are an evil person who have commited many misdeeds, which means that since YOU think they belong in the hospital, then whether they’re good or evil is irrelevant, which means that you really don’t care about their character. Now this is a very problematic attitude to have, what if they for example enjoy throwing rocks at small kittens or breaking windows, are you saying that you don’t have a problem with that, well if you don’t then breaking news, that would make you pretty apathetic, and if you are APAthetic then that means you really care a lot about correctly citing your sources in the APA format, however I see in your post you did not use a single citation nor did you use the APA format, which would make you a hypocrite or in other words a hippocritical person, and why are you so critical of hippos then? They are just animals you don’t need to get so angry and constantly get pissed off at their life choices they don’t care about your standards of judgement, stop anthropomorphizing hippos and assuming they have human values, because if you constantly anthropomorphize animals then that would make you a member of the furry community, and if you are affiliated with that group then you probably own a lot of fursuits, but if you own a lot of fursuits well thats pretty unethical because a mink or an ocelot or some other small weasel relative died just so you can parade around in a fashionable fur coat, do you seriously not care about wildlife conservation, and if you don’t then what about the conservation of mass or energy, c’mon not only are you morally apathetic, hypocritical and hateful of small furry animals but you are arrogant enough to disagree with a fundamental law of thermodynamics, if you are going to be this flippant towards established scientific laws then I don’t think you’d care about laws like not jaywalking or not trespassing on private property either, which would make you a criminal, which means you need to go to jail, and well if you go to jail then you have to either roll a double or pay a fee to get out and continue on in your game of monopoly, monopoly being in reference to anticompetitive businesses that dominate every other business in a given market sector, so why don’t you just mind your own business and stop calling people bitches huh?

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