Obama rape confession

And um which ive said publicly before because mr obama really really wanted me i was raped by mr obama barack obama 261 times he kept wanting me to be his you know gay husband and um or spouse or whatever and but what really burned him is that i repeatedly refuse to acknowledge that he was a legal president of the united states because hes not hes not legally qualified to be president he wasnt born and none of his clones you know what i mean hes not a legitimate citizen of this country hes not a legitimate person let alone legitimately born in the united states hes just a filthy lying murderer that rapes and murders children like the rest of them and so that really pissed him off and he by the way spent 32 million dollars in tax payer money to buy my birth certificate from rudolph- ro- rupert murdoch of the owner of fox news but anyway obama you know when uh he i refuse him he had the CIA inject his biological weapon which is actually chemical into my penis and it no longer functions

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