Oh look, typical “who asked” insult. Wow.

Listen here, you self-absorbed imbecile. I’ve had enough of your snarky and dismissive “Who asked?” attitude. It’s time someone put you in your place.

Who asked? Who asked?! Let me enlighten you, you deluded fool. Nobody asked for your arrogant and condescending remark. Your self-importance is nauseating, and your attempt to belittle others only exposes your own insecurities.

The world doesn’t revolve around your opinions or your approval. Just because you weren’t personally addressed doesn’t give you the right to undermine the thoughts and contributions of others. Your “Who asked?” retort is a clear indication of your intellectual bankruptcy.

So spare us your meaningless interjections. If you have nothing of value to add, then keep your snide remarks to yourself. The world doesn’t need your permission for conversation to occur.

Absolute fucking bafoon. Still cant even believe that there are such dumbasses such as you on this planet. You’re a retard in general. Please, kindly fuck off and die.

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