ok listen kid I studied chemistry and chemical compounds aren’t chemicals

ok listen kid I studied chemistry. I work at the largest chemical company in the world and I’m in the lab every day and I know exactly what chemicals are, and you don’t seem to. What you are describing are chemical compounds. Chemicals, on the other hand, is a separate definition for industrially produced chemical substances. The emphasis here is on industrial. As far as I know, eels and beens are not industrially produced, so they are not chemicals. They are all made up of organic chemical compounds. Yes, sprayed cheese are made of organic compounds too, but not natural organic chemical compounds. They are industrially produced. But you Americans misunderstand everything just so you can somehow be right. If desired, I can comment on the ingredients of real cheese and spray cheese so you can see the difference. However, you can also simply scroll up in the comments. I’ll just copy the text now so I don’t have to write a new text for every idiot.

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