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  1. you should set yourself on fire and drive yourself down a hill in a shopping cart and call yourself a…

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Clash royale xbox player

Troops completely ruin the game I’m sorry but after losing the last couple games to my opponents troops, I am simply so tired of them and they have no place in this game. They require no skill to use are just so overpowered. I can’t tell you how many times my xbow pushes have just…

What if the USSR gave Southern Dobruja to Turkey after WW2?

Sirhan Sirhan misses his shot and RFK is not assassinated, he beats Nixon in the 68’ election. Nixon runs again in 76’ and loses to Ted Kennedy. Nixon, after losing three times to the Kennedy’s is driven to madness and becomes The Joker. In December 1980 he shoots a Man in New York City, and…

Girl expresses feelings for Evan Peters

i’ll give him the most delicious, passionate, back arching, eyerolling, giggling, toe curling, feet kicking, hair twirling, nail biting, hair ripping, aggresive screaming, sobbing, yelling, sloppiest head ever. y’all have no idea how insane I’m going for this man. I want for him to break my bed n all my bones, I want for him…

Found on the jak party

DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the soyjak.party, it’s so DRAMATIC and makes me feel like i’m in one of my favourite STONETOSS COMICS. you should totally come on down to my discord server, it’s got TOTAL NIGGER DEATH memes and everything, we can crack open a nice grimace shake or three…

The comment you get when you hit a wrong note in a piano piece

Unfortunately the last note of measure 86 should be a B natural, not a B flat. This happens in the right hand, at almost exactly 1:53 . I’m not sure if they’re allowed personal interpretations of these works, or if it’s a mistake? Whatever the case may be, I feel as if she let the…