just came out the hood brenish thats my hood you know i came out there dmv trapper hard out here yk how it be okay came out the hood didnt have much ice much followers much fans but i came out the hood yk getting money all fuckin day bro jerking to ur mom is a habit getting all these threats is a problem and im still fuckin up ur mom tho and im still getting problems have to pay up for the fuckin risks that risk costed me like a milli and i know a girl name monelle shes the love of my life i love monelle hot as fuck i would fuck her everday everday all day i would fuck her till i die my sperms in her what a fuckin surprise bro heavy shit fucking everyday bitch but i still take breaks bitch and im still getting money on my breaks fuck the grammys imma just break it and im driving the best foreigns and my neck is freezey as fuck bitch icy as shit i wont stop drippin on ur bitches and i wont stop fuckin on ur mom that girl really got a fat ass tho riley where them titties at bro u wont slide a pic i just wanna see ur tits and maybe ur ass too slide me a grammy for these rappin lyrics ooh but maya i havent forgot u ooh u got a fat ass ass ass dead dog dead parents wheres ur dad sleeps in the basement wtf basement basement dweller ur dads a basement dweller ur mom doesnt love ur dad thats weird but thats ok cuz u sent me pics i really like them pics jerked off to them twice now im runnin from the lights rappin from the longest time ever bitch money so green like a garden bitch sniffin white lines with choppa bitch luke fat nose fat ass bitch no homo shit cuz i never been on that gay shit fuckin up girls with my homies bitch getting green bands like a homie bitch blue bands white bands red bands fuckin on ur mom bitch maga everyday bitch maga 2020 bitch trump 2020

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