purple monkey bonzi buddy lean grape zaza

I walk into the Dispo.

“Hello sir what brings you into Blaze Smoke Roll Weed Cannabis Leaf?”

I look at the worker. “I’m just looking around today.”

The worker leaves me alone.

I walk around the dispensary, reminiscent of an apple store. There it is. The purple monkey.

I purchase an oil cartridge of purple monkey and leave the store. The drive home was full of anticipation.

I take a hit from my weed vape. Wow… Really intricate notes. A flavour profile consisting of grape, artificial grape. Just like grape cough syrup. The lean zaza oil cart.

As I begin my path to enlightenment, I start to feel hot and heavy. I lay down on my couch and begin to fumble with my waistband. Sounds of someone struggling with my front doorknob cause me to suddenly stop.

I sit up, and the door opens. There he is. The purple monkey. Bonzi joined me at the perfect time.

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