My artwork just got 20x better than it was yesterday solely because of berserk. You NEED to read it man It lives up to the hype 100 FOLD and it’s popular for a REASON. THE SOULS GAMES WOULD LITERALLY NOT FUCKING EXIST IF BERSERK NEVER HAPPENED. IT’S THAT GOOD MAN. I’m TELLING you you’re sleeping on the BIBLE of manga. Berserk literally inspired the whole early dark fantasy genre of manga and your art will improve simply by studying the art of Kentaro Miura, who is a GOD of art and narrative storytelling. The manga messiah INSPIRED GENERATIONS through the philosophy of good and evil, literally influenced by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s *Beyond Good and Evil,* which touches on topics relating to morality, identity, and good and evil. In the simplest of digestible human words, READ BERSERK RIGHT NOW.

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