Reddit, AITA for shoving five bags worth of hot Cheetos up my ass?

I (M12), had recently started watching South Park. Recently, I viewed an episode in which the characters had this theory that if you shoved food up your ass you would shit it out of your mouth. Now me, being the curious and scholarly child I am, decided to try this myself. Since I have very few restrictions as to what I am permitted to do, I went up to the local Walmart and purchased five family sized bags of flaming hot Cheetos. When I got home, I got so excited I couldn’t stop myself from engaging in the experiment right away, and with my Mummy (F34) out of the house, I could do as I pleased. I lowered my pants, revealing my Minecraft creeper boxers, and took a whiff of the hot Cheetos. I couldn’t contain myself, so I pulled off my underwear and immediately spread my hole, preparing the hot Cheetos for entry. Nothing could prepare me for the sheer ecstasy of shoving the first Cheeto where the sun doesn’t shine. My dog got into it too, sniffing my hole which hid food, and I couldn’t stop myself from driving into the bag again to retrieve another. I kept shoving hot Cheeto after hot Cheeto into my hole, and about two bags in, I started to feel nauseous-

But I kept going.

Cheeto after Cheeto, my ass hole burned more and more. My cheeks were stained red from the dust, and whenever I shifted I could feel the delicious crinkling of the hot Cheetos crunching up in my ass. From this point, I was down to my last few Cheetos, and you could see the most recent chips protruding from inside of my hole. I began to work the very last one in my ass, but I was only able to fit the last one half way until I collapsed with a loud moan. My mom found me hours later, with numerous Cheetos pouring out of my ass, the dust residue trail, and my Minecraft creeper boxers cast aside with the dog licking the dust off of my ass cheeks. So reddit, AITA?

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