Reply to “Sauce? Sure man, I got you covered”

Nice, I see you have good grasp over names of various kinds of sauce made from different fruits and vegetables from all around the globe. HOWEVER, I must point out a very basic flaw in your understanding of English language and it’s words. As you can see , guy asked – “Where is the sauce?”. Now I would like you to emphasize on word “Where”.
Word “where” according to Cambridge dictionary means -‘to, at, or in what place’. Therefore We can use where to ask for information about place. for example – Where did you hide Obama prism?
However, what you wrote is definitely not viable answer as list of types of sauces can NOT be considered as a location.
So your 3844 Characters, 641 Words, 128 Lines long comment still doesnt answers main question – WHERE IS THE SAUCE!!!

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