Roblox Goo Animal Simulator Alarm Gun

Your emergency beacon has been activated due to a malfunction error message 94.
Please enter your emergency beacon service at one of our convenient locations by visiting w (error noises) error 94
(background music). Do not try to move or you may aggravate your petition.
(background music) your emergency beacon has an extended warrantee your emergency beacon warrantee will expire in 1 minute.
Please visit one of our service centres for free repair during the warrantee period, all of our service centres are closed at this time.
(background music).
You are eligible for the following medication; morphine, synthetic morphine, ventanal, MK ultra, Moroccan black, liquid Elvis, synthetic Jackson 5. (background music).
Is your left arm numb? Are you missing you left arm? Apply pressure to open wound until help arrives. (background music).
If you are bleeding, put pressure on the wound.
If you are unable to control the bleeding, make sure it does not come in contact with others especially if you have a blood diseases.

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