SCP-Discord Warning


This warning must be seen by as much Discord Users as possible, please repost to spread the word!

SCP-\[DATA EXPUNGED\] has escaped the containment, and the SCP foundation has found out what its going to do.

\[DESCRIPTION\]: SCP-\[DATA EXPUNGED\] appears to be a Discord user with the profile picture of the character Kuroha from Shachiku OL to Akuma Shota with the same name.

Starting June 32th, SCP-\[DATA EXPUNGED\] will begin sending pictures of \[DATA EXPUNGED\] to Discord users and will send the same users a link to a Discord server known as BigBirdCord. If the Discord server invite is rejected, Kuroha will come to the user’s house and \[DATA EXPUNGE\] the person(s) who did it.

We advise you to simply ignore these messages and not to interact with this SCP at all. Our personnel are working tirelessly to solve this issue regarding SCP-\[DATA EXPUNGED\].

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