Secrets of Eternity (January 2015) | The History Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Secrets of Eternity was released in January 2015. This set introduced the Infernoids, a series of monsters that can Special Summon themselves to the field by banishing other Infernoids from either the hand or graveyard. Notable cards in set include Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss, Qliphort Monolith, Uni-Zombie, Nephe Shaddoll Fusion, and a card that would bolster Satellarknight to combat the Burning Abyss Shaddoll meta, Stellarknight Constellar Diamond. Additionally, the Hero Strike Structure Feck was released just a few weeks later, introducing Masked Hero Dark Law to the game as well. In this series, both MBT and myself will be traversing the sands of Yu-Gi-Oh’s history. Each episode will take a deep dive into Yu-Gi-Oh’s past formats and unlock new strategies as new sets become available. Strap yourselves in because anything is possible. Welcome to The History Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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