Sleep paralysis demon plays with my ass at night!!BEING FR

I already asked this in a diff group but it got taken down, I’m tired, my ass hurts, idk what to do help me and my sore booty out!!!!

Sleep paralysis demon is playing with my ass and it freaks me out. So sometimes i get sleep paralysis when falling asleep and I can always pull myself out of it easy.It never lasts longer than 20 secs.

But the last months i wake up in the middle of the night to something fuckin my ass and i can’t move or pull myself out of the paralysis. Im always in-between of falling asleep and being awake but I’m fully aware of whats going on.

This shit freaks me out i can’t even tell big boy behind me to slow down a bit since i can’t even mumble or speak.

It’s not a wet dream and it physically hurts, it fr feels like some huge 40cm dick is getting shoved up me for 5 mins straight.

The mornings after my booty still hurts. It can’t be a real person who sneaked up on me at night, i live alone and i lock everything before bed.

I also checked my ass the morning after, everything seems fine but the pain is real.

Am i getting raped by an sleep paralysis demon or is my mind just hella creative?And how do I Stopp it, or at least the pain…tbh if it didn’t hurt so bad i wouldn’t mind.

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