So your assumption is

because I took a quick glance and saw what I perceived to be a clean shaven side puss, only to learn later that it was a doll and decide that’s not my thing, you think it is in fact my thing? Actually let’s boil this down to what it really is. You dont get to make my decisions for me first and foremost. And while I appreciate you pointing out it was a doll, that doesnt give you authority or power over my decision making process either.
I liked what I saw.
Found out it was fake.
I became disinterested.
That’s how shit works.

It’s like these guys who get baited by femboys who look more feminine than females, and then once they find out they’re men, no longer have an interest. That doesnt mean they like men. Or they wouldn’t have to dress like women to bait them.

So, once again, as to make sure theres no confusion in that brain of yours,
I liked what I saw.
Was informed it was fake.
Lost interest.
End of story.
Got it? Probably not. But I’ve said my piece. You can continue to think whatever you want.

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