Some southern hillbilly trying to explain racism

What you tryna say? You northerners and Jews always tryna tell us humble farmin folk that racism was bad durin the civil war! Why what do ya mean confederates treated they slaves bad? The slaves got a nice shed, nice leftovers, and were only beaten if they deserved it! And the slaves consented to fightin for em in da war!

And after our confederate ancestors done got killed by the cruel godless Yankees, they had no more workers for they farm! And I ain’t racist or noth-eh but dey blacks can’t have to much freedom, cause when dey get uppity, they go lil savage, der primal instincts will kick on in!

And segregation wasn’t THAT bad! Dey had just as much as us! And plus! We should keep our sacred DNA nice and clean! We don’t want no mules now do we?

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